Scholarship Recipients 2019

Both the University of Connecticut and our featured xCITE Conference celebrate leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. However, we recognize that it is important to empower future generations of entrepreneurs. Since its inception and through the generosity of our conference sponsors, we have been able to provide encouragement to student leaders in entrepreneurship through scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate applicants who excel in their academic record, work record, and essay. The essay helps us understand the student's experience and views on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Scholarship recipients for 2019 will be acknowledged at the conference.

  • Scholarship Recipients 2019

2019 xCITE Scholarship Recipients


Joao Benites

Daniel Fontes

Katie Hernandez

Sunny Sinnorai


Takeya Hilliard

Terrell Tait

  • 2018 Scholarship Recipients

xCITE 2018 Scholarship Recipients


Andrea Chavez

Lindsey Lozyniak

Amanda Morgado

Kaithleen Pesantez


Jose Alves

Junau Bouchard

Takeya Hilliard

xCITE 2016 Scholarship Recipients


Abeer Al-Hamwy

Luis Hoyos Diaz

Ana Carolina Lasalandra

Helen Nieves


Kiersten Halstead

Julie Jones

Colby Mello

Laura Spelling

Natasha Zielinski