Geoff Schneider

Founder & Managing Director

Cava Capital

Geoff has more than 25 years as an investor and operator in technology product and services businesses. Geoff founded Cava Capital in 2007 as an early stage investment platform for high net worth individuals and has led the firm’s efforts in primary investments since inception. Cava is investment holding company that builds valuable technology businesses to generate long-term, tax-efficient wealth creation for individual and family office investors. Investments are focused in Mobile, Commerce, SaaS, Marketplaces and Digital Marketing. Virtually all of Cava’s investments are in “studio” projects, where we start, acquire or partner with co-founders to build innovative early stage companies. We use our 80 plus years of experience and hands on operational involvement to de-risk and accelerate businesses. Because of this deep involvement from the start of projects, Cava tends to own more than a typical venture capital fund in our companies leading to outperformance and optionality.

Prior to forming Cava, Geoff has helped manage and operate five venture funded technology companies located in Silicon Valley and New York. Operated as a consultant and advisor to several large ultra high net worth family offices, specifically related to alternative investments and manager selection and review. Maintain deep relationships with most of the largest and most sophisticated institutions in asset management and high net worth advisory services.

Geoff is an advisor and board member at the Baker Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity at Lehigh University

Geoff received a BS in Business and Economics from Lehigh University and an MBA from George Washington University.

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